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Outside the United States, the plural laters is more common. Latter is an adjective to describe one of two things in a comparison. The latter happens or exists after something else; or toward the end of something, as opposed to the beginning. latter translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'latte',later',latterly',late', examples, definition, conjugation Latter definition is - belonging to a subsequent time or period : more recent. How to use latter in a sentence.

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more advanced in time or sequence; later. Usage: The latter should only be used to refer to the second of two items: many people choose to go by hovercraft rather than use the ferry, but I prefer the latter. The last of three or more items can be referred to as the last-named. as a pronoun (after ‘the’): Given a choice between Tahiti and Hawaii, I’d prefer the latter.

Prefer to do the latter into the former. Sweden. Joined September 2016  BJJ Problems on Instagram: “I'll go with the latter”.

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Je préfère la  Men har sett flera olika sidor där det skrivs "latter". (latter refers to the second thing in the list, which in this case is biology) I prefer the latter. While the former may prefer the playground and forest the latter may prefer the delicious wines produced there. The customer service is  solution with incentive price caps and price regulation", said Rober Mourik from Telefonica, adding that it appears to prefer the latter solution.

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I prefer the latter. Profligate Filth. 4 comments. share. save. hide.

I prefer the latter

“The latter days” is an eschatological phrase used by some Christian sects to refer to the days preceding the second coming of Christ. One can also refer to a person’s “latter years,” i.e., old age. Here are some examples of latter used to mean “the later part of life”: Men living longer but spend latter years sick 8.
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He had shoulder surgery in the latter half of the year. The latter one still operates in the summer. It was published in hardcover under the latter … 2019-05-26 2008-07-15 Will: I prefer the latter ///or/// I prefer the former. The latter is the 2nd of 2 choices (oranges), and the former is the first of 2 choices (apples). "Latter is later, and former comes before." I prefer the latter because by attacking you have more chance of getting a result.

The last of three or more items can be referred to as the last-named.
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I prefer the latter polarisering glas
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I prefer the latter approach and I also Examples for later / latter.

I prefer the outdoorsy type, but I am looking for a sophisticated adventurer, not a farmhand- if you catch my drift. In the latter case only personal trauma might occur, a trauma largely to the ivory tower and enjoy the loneliness of the detached observer. I prefer the latter. But it would be interesting to see how long it takes for Chat/Adrien to make the connection between stuttering Mari and suddenly shy LB. I tend to prefer the latter, what do you think? Go team Swedish! Mikael_Ollars (Mikael Ollars) January 10, 2018, 8:09am #20. And the Swedish  I prefer the latter!